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The Cline Center was there to help you make a well-informed decision, and now we’re here to walk alongside of you.


Pregnant? Parenting? Need Support After Abortion? Need Support after Adoption? Regardless of the choice you made, Cline Support is your next best step.

It’s Okay not to
be Okay.

We get it. Just because you made a well-informed choice for your pregnancy doesn’t make everything easy. There are so many barriers that can stand in the way of feeling as if you are equipped to confidently move forward and live an empowered life: lack of advocacy, financial burdens, inability to obtain affordable housing or medical care, lack of material or emotional support, mental health concerns or addiction recovery, an unhealthy relationship, lack of childcare, or a lack of community & support system.

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A well-informed decision with The Cline Center

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Not alone then,
not alone now.

You are extraordinarily capable, and there are so many people waiting to surround you with support and care. You deserve to be celebrated. You deserve to be surrounded by the support you need. From free counseling to community referrals to material support, no matter what you are facing, Cline Support has you covered.The unexpected can bring unexpected joy – we’re here to help you confidentially and capably find your joy.