Affordable Childcare Resources

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May 29, 2023

  1. Housing and shelter + utilities & food
  2. A stable Job 
  3. Childcare…

You may be thinking, how can I check all these boxes, work a job, and care for my child 24/7?

Maybe both you and your partner work full-time to support yourselves. Maybe you don’t have a community of friends and family close by to help out. Maybe you’re the sole caretaker. All of these factors can make parenting really difficult!

Childcare isn’t exactly affordable, and this can feel really overwhelming!

Helpful things to remember

If you are in a season of searching for childcare options that work for you, we want you to remember a few things:

  • You cannot be/do everything
  • It is okay to ask for help
  • You are not alone
  • There is support and there are resources
  • You are an amazing parent

The most important thing to remember? We have real support and trusted resources to help you locate the parenting support you need.


If you’re searching for affordable childcare, after-school programs, or any other kind of additional parenting support, Cline Support can help.

Let’s highlight some resources. Please know that this is not a comprehensive list. The best way to learn about all of your options and get connected is by scheduling a consultation!

After School/Summer Programs

  • We will go ministries: 601-398-2410


  • Hinds County Human Resource Agency: 601-923-3940 – Early Head-Start | 601-932-1817 – Project Head-Start

If you would like, we can help you make these connections during a consultation. We can also discuss additional areas where you might need some support and how we can help!

We know what it’s like to feel like you have nowhere to turn. You’re doing your best and we’re here to support you.

Reach out, today!