WIC 101

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July 27, 2023

If your income situation isn’t very stable right now and you’re pregnant, one of your biggest concerns is probably how you are realistically going to care for yourself and a new baby. It can feel really scary!

In circumstances like this, WIC benefits (Women, Infants, and Children) may be able to help you.

WIC is a special supplemental food program for pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women, infants, and children under 5 years of age.

Learn about eligibility, how to apply, and what is included with WIC benefits.

1. Eligibility

To be eligible for WIC certain income and health requirements have to be met. The woman, infant, or child must meet certain income requirements and be at medical or nutritional risk.

If you already receive Medicaid, TANF, or Food Stamps, you will automatically receive WIC.

  • Income eligibility

    For a family of one, the household income must not exceed $25,142 annually. This increases depending on the size of the household. See the chart below.

  • Health eligibility

    A nurse or nutritionist will determine if an applicant is eligible for WIC benefits. Medical or nutritional factors include:

    • Anemia
    • Underweight
    • Overweight
    • Poor diet

2. How to Apply

It is required that applicants must apply in person at their local health department or WIC Clinic. Call 855-767-0170 to set up an appointment at your local health department.

Applicants must bring proof of identity, income, and residence to their first WIC appointment.

  • Proof of identity includes:

    • A valid driver license
    • A social security card
    • A valid U.S. passport
    • A current shot record
    • A military ID
    • A newborn crib card
  • Proof of income includes:

    • A current pay stub less than 60 days old
    • A signed statement from an employer indicating gross income earnings for a specified pay period
    • Current W-2 forms
    • An income tax return for the most current year
    • Proof of Medicaid, TANF, or Food Stamps
  • Proof of Residence includes:

    • Pieces of mail that include the client’s current address (e.g. current utility bill, bank statement, etc.)
    • A valid driver’s license with the current address
    • A mortgage/rental agreement

3. What do WIC Benefits Include?

WIC helps you get you and your baby healthy foods and healthy advice for the first few years after your baby is born.

  • If you’re eligible for WIC, you’ll receive things like:
    • A monthly package of delicious, nutritious foods
    • Valuable tips on healthy eating
    • Health care referrals
    • Breastfeeding support
    • Foods that are included at no cost are:
      • Eggs
      • Beans
      • Cheese
      • Baby formula
      • Peanut butter
      • White and chocolate milks
      • Hot and cold cereals
      • A selection of 100% fruit juices
      • Canned tuna for breastfeeding mothers
      • Whole wheat bread and tortillas
      • Fresh and canned fruits and vegetables
      • Baby food fruits and vegetables
      • Baby food meats for breastfed infants


Thinking about caring for you and your baby and applying for WIC benefits can feel really overwhelming!

If you need additional support, you can always schedule a consultation!