Your Complete Pregnancy Checklist

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August 28, 2023

The idea of prenatal care can seem like a lot – especially if you didn’t plan for this pregnancy to happen. Between pop culture, social media, and other outlets you hear so much about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. Keeping everything straight can feel overwhelming! Don’t worry though. It’s not as complicated as you might think.

If you have chosen to carry your pregnancy and parent or place for adoption, you can enroll in the Cline Center’s OB navigation program at no cost to you! We’re here to help you navigate all things pregnancy, prenatal care, and postpartum. It is our goal for you to feel empowered and equipped throughout your pregnancy and long after.

Here’s your guide to everything you’ll need to know about or plan for during your pregnancy! These are all topics that are covered during OB Navigation.




Remember, you are extraordinarily capable, and there are so many people waiting to surround you with support and care. You deserve to be celebrated. You deserve to be surrounded by the support you need.

Cline Support has you covered. Reach out, today!